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About Shopclues

An Online Marketplace:

Shopclues is an online market store, having set up shop in Gurgaon, India. The company was formed in Silicon Valley, CA in 2011. It also has about 12,000 completely registered merchants, a product database of 2 million and counting along with an online platform that receives over 42 million visitors from across 9500 locations in India.

The company aims at keeping its customer's happy and satisfied all the time. This is one of the reasons as to why the company believes trust is important and as a result, has come out with their own unique band of trust, aimed at capturing a bigger share of the market with trust as one of the cornerstones of their marketing strategy.


The beginning: 2011

The Company was launched in Silicon Valley, in 2011 by Sandeep Aggarwal. This project was a self-funded operation. Later, during the same year, more new members joined the team at Shopclues; they are Radhika, Sanjay, Mrinal who helped to create a strong technical base for Shopclues. Later on, Sandeep and Radhika moved back to India in order to establish their office in India.

The Year of 2012

The company launched its public beta; which ranked about 14K as per the Alexa ranking. The company sold about 10k Deodorants of Adidas in just under10 hours, with a marketing team of 50 along with nearly 1mn visitors from all over India, within hours of launching the beta.

In June the company ranked among the top 3 websites in e-commerce niche and increased its reach further all across the country. It's estimated that Shopclues shipped over 100,000 items during June and July of the same year.

It also launched a store feature, along with the total merchant signups totaling 5K and started delivering products to all its customers, right away.

In the year of 2013

Shopclues received two awards for being the best website in e-commerce in India. 5 million visitors were also reported to have visited the site along with 25 million pages tagged, of which a major chunk originated from India. Shopclues also organized the Seller Summit in Delhi and enrolled about 12000 new merchants and introduced their branded products.

While the company tied up with a number of merchants in almost every state and Union Territories of India, it launched the National Retail Heritage that featured the best and most iconic marketplaces across India.           


The company celebrated its 2nd anniversary, netting over 1.3 million fans on Facebook, 32000 merchants who were enrolled on their website and invested Rs.350 crore in GMV.  It also Launched its Express Checkout feature during the same year and also launched their first wholesale online marketplace in India.                  

A band of trust includes the company's value through which the company can achieve the aim of providing their customers with a trusted shopping experience.

Product Selection:

The main aim of the company here is to provide their customers with a wide range of products to select from, right from the merchants and at affordable prices.

When Shopping at Shopclues, you can count on competitive rates, products that are fresh and brand new, and fast delivery. In simple terms, you get quality products, at competitive rates. Shopping products online have now become as an integral part of our lifestyle. As a customer, the company knows that you might be buying different products from various sellers whether you are shopping physically or via web. In order to set itself apart from the rest of the competition, Shopclues makes sure that products are delivered to you at very little cost, with a guarantee that they would be delivered within a short period of time, along with a world-class communication and tracking system in case you want to trace your product.  Shopclues strive to make your shopping experience hassle-free and sans any glitches. In case of any issue with any product you purchase, Shopclues will ensure that the issue in question is speedily handled and the issue resolved right away.

Well, as a marketplace, Shopclues runs a complete Buyer Protection Program in order to provide the buyer with 100% secured transactions and promise you with comfort and trust for shopping online via Shopclues.  The Company promises to replace your orders within 10 days along with return shipping fee.  Following are certain conditions where you can avail free shipping on the products to be returned:

?      Clothing With the Wrong Size.

?      Different Color

?      Different style

?      Poor Quality

?      Missing accessories

?      The product is defective

Shopclues Coupons and Best Offer:

Shopclues is the leading E-commerce website that offers thousands of products at low prices from which you cannot turn away from. The company presently has become one of the popular names amidst among various online shoppers, as it is specially designed to deliver high-end, branded products at low costs. The company is also home to hundreds of products that range from electronics to home and furnishing and it aims at providing you with budget-friendly solutions to meet your needs. In addition to competitive rates at Shopclues,

Shopclues has raised its standards above all the other competing e-commerce sites in order to offer quality and branded products at most affordable prices for their customers. Here's a closer look on whats available for some of the categories listed at Shopclues.

Mobiles & Tablets

This category is all about mobile and tablets, priced at competitive rates. You will find the best deals from leading brands like Lenovo, LG, Micromax, Motorola, Sony, Apple, Samsung and much more. So, you can pick the latest phone that suits you best and meets your requirements. The company updates its list on the latest devices and offers available on them that they may help you to save greens.

Home & Kitchen Appliances

You can find Refrigerators, AC's, Mixers, Washing Machines and Induction Cookers that meet your kitchen and home requirements. You can also avail the discounts on every product that you decided to buy. You can also use the offers and deals available on


Here, you will find the high-end fashion and retail products currently available on Shopclues.  You can select a whole range of trendy fashion items that are being added to the website regularly. The promo-codes available for Shopclues allows you to purchase items at a discounted price. There is a wide range of casual shirts, t-shirts, trousers, pants, and briefs for men and women too.


A wide range of footwear section is also available on the website for both men and women. You can buy from casual shoes, sports shoes, sandals and formal shoes. For women, there are a variety of Heels, Flats, Bellies, Wedges, and Sandals from the famous brands.


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