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About Redbus

You must have traveled a bit and must have faced the hassles of traveling across India, especially if you were planning on catching a connecting bus to another state and did not know the local dialect. Well, with Red Bus, you can now look forward to hassle free travel across the length and breadth of India, book your tickets ahead and even reserve hotel rooms, well before you set out on your trip. We make traveling across India easy, with on the spot booking of bus tickets with zero booking charges. Issues are bound to crop up when you travel on your own and one of the most reported problems was in figuring out the transport when you did not know the local language. Red Bus takes care of this problem effectively, going one step further and establishing a network, right across India thereby enabling travelers to travel in comfort and ease. Red Bus was the first to bring online booking for bus tickets, all across India and today, we are proud to offer 80000+ routes for our customers to choose from.

We established our company in 2005, as part of Ibibo group and have been growing in strength each day to the point that we have set up our first shop in Singapore recently. Although we are still a small sized company, we expect to grow further and to expand even more, while catering to large sections of the society.

Why Red Bus

Red Bus was the very first company that made it possible to book bus tickets online and at throwaway charges. How often had you missed out on a trip, because you could not purchase a rail or bus ticket at the last minute, during festival season? Red Bus understood the trouble most travelers had and decided to set up shop by making it possible to book bus tickets online and by tying up with bus operators, travel agents and have established a network right across the country.

Now, customers can pre-book their bus tickets well in advance and even reserve book hotel rooms. With Red Bus, customers can look forward to sorting out all their transportation issues,  and even organize trips by using Red Bus well-oiled and efficient network.

Special offers and discounts

With Red Bus, customers need not worry about any additional charges as there is zero booking charges levied on them. In addition customers can now avail discounts of 60% , and checking out cashback coupons and red bus discounts. You can then use these coupons on our website and purchase tickets, book hotel rooms at great rates. So if you are looking to travel to your hometown for the next festival season, you may want to pre-book your tickets at red bus  and relax and enjoy the trip back home. With red bus, you can look forward to a hassle free travel and with khojoonline.com, you can avail the same at throwaway rates with fantastic discounts.


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